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    Assured Excavating Inc. has the experience and expertise to perform your mass grading and to construct lakes and ponds for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential use.

    Assured Excavating Inc. provides decades of experience in constructing environmentally friendly ponds. We are extremely vigilant when dealing with such items, because the protection of Florida’s natural resources is one of our main priorities. We have performed mass grading and lake and pond construction and renovation all over the state.

    Some of the services we perform include but are not limited to:

    • Lake and Pond Design

    • Recreational Lake and Pond Construction

    • Levee Design and Construction

    • Stormwater Control Ponds

    • Agricultural Ponds

    • Environmental Containment Ponds

    • Clay Liners & HDPE Lined Ponds

    Quality pond construction techniques are key.  The safety and longevity of water-holding ponds are affected by construction processes and considerations that weigh heavily in our planning.  We also have the equipment and the expertise to grade your project whether it is a parking lot, road, lay down area, yard, driveway, home pad; we can do it.