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    Assured Excavating Inc. provides chemical stabilization of existing soils for new structures, pavements and construction improvements.  Stabilization and reclamation services are provided stand-alone or in conjunction with other general contracting or subcontracting services.

    Soil stabilization is often a necessary part of new roads, pavements and parking lots to neutralize heaving soils and/or add strength to new pavement sections.  We can chemically treat the subgrade and meet any engineered specification.

    Road reclamation is both a fast and economical option for many clients to rehabilitate old, failing or uneven-surfaced roadways.  Road reclamation consists of mixing existing asphalt roads in place, often with the addition of stabilizing materials such as lime, cement or fly-ash to stabilize and strengthen subgrades for new pavement.  Road reclamation is an extremely cost effective option for the reconstruction of existing roadways.

    Assured Excavating Inc. maintains a fleet of heavy equipment, including the following, for the successful execution of the most demanding soil stabilization and road reclamation projects:

    • Water Trucks

    • Soil Stabilizers

    • Compactors

    • Motor Graders

    Our team of managers, equipment operators, drivers and laborers are here to professionally complete your stabilization or reclamation project with an ongoing focus on safety, schedule and cost efficiency.